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Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! #2 (2012)
33 pages |
13.71 мegabytes

Great Pacific #2 (2012)
30 pages |
38.64 мegabytes

Epic Kill #7 (2012)
32 pages |
38.42 мegabytes

Keywords: Epic Kill Raffaele Ienco Song 2012
Storm Dogs #1 (2012)
29 pages |
36.51 мegabytes

Keywords: Storm Dogs David Hine Doug Braithwaite Ulises Arreola 2012
DAVID HINE and DOUG BRAITHWAITE are re-united for Season One of this science-fiction crime thriller. A uniquely skilled team arrives on a frontier planet to investigate a series of bizarre and violent deaths. Forced to rely on primitive technology, they soon learn what it means to be aliens in a hostile environment. If they are to unravel the
Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! #1 (2012)
31 pages |
30.38 мegabytes

When an Australian contingent of Bedlam goes missing, the remaining agents from the American teams join forces to find them. But what foul Beast lurks beneath the billabongs? Plus: Requiem for a gremlin.
Invincible #96 (2012)
31 pages |
19.46 мegabytes

Keywords: Invincible Robert Kirkman Ryan Ottley Cory Walker John Rauch 2012
The Flaxan invasion comes to a horrible, violent end. Robot and Monster Girl will never be the same again as their secrets are revealed. The new Invincible has gotten a taste for what his new role will require. Meanwhile, back at home... Mark Grayson is growing stronger.

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